Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ex Central Park Five Coercer of False Confessions,%20by%20the%20NY%20DA's%20Office%20(undated).PDF , Seamus Weir, confesses to Public Corruption, Fraud, Conspiracy, Theft of Honest Services, Obstruction of Justice, and the ongoing Cover-up of massive Wage Theft. Did now Metropolitan Transportation Authority Inspector General Deputy Investigator (effectively) Rape and Murder Lourdes Gonzalez another conspiracy, to cover-up with Matias Reyes)?????????? See transcript of this phone call: 00:02
“Good afternoon. You've reached the office of Inspector General for the MTA, how may I
help you?
Brian Burke: “Uh, good afternoon. I just got a call from, uh, uh, I guess I was listening to
his voicemail, Seamus Weir. Did I get it wrong?”
Unknown: ”Nope, you're correct.”
Brian Burke: “Oh, wow good for me. Um, all right. Yeah, I don't know if he's available.
He called, a, I guess, a few minutes ago, he wanted to speak to me about, uh, I'd be
happy to speak to him. It looks convenient.”
Unknown: “Okay. What is your name, sir?”
Brian Burke: “Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. Brian Burke.”
Unknown: “Okay. Brian Burke. I got it. Hold on. I'm sorry. Hold on again,”
Brian Burke: “Oh, hi, Mr. Weir. Uh, this is Brian Burke returning your call.”
Seamus Weir: “Hey, thank you, how are you?”
Brian Burke: “Oh, great, great. And thank you for reaching out to me. Um, yeah, I don't
know, I guess I'm not sure who, who tasked you with calling me, but uh, or what
information you have. I'd be happy to fill you in on anything that you're missing.”
Seamus Weir: “Uh hu, actually, I reviewed the file that we had originally put together
and, uh, when you had the original complaint a couple of years ago and your most
recent one and, uh, the inspector general asked me to reach out and discuss it with you
if you had anything that you didn't understand that was done.”
Brian Burke: “Yeah. Um, it's also, I've been sending out emails, uh, I guess, uh, sent
some out last week and I was forwarding them today, uh, to, uh, various, um, officials
within the MTA. Um, and uh, I'd be happy to send it to you. It's actual, it makes it, I
guess it was information, I think not all that was contained in the information that I sent
in previously. Uh, and you know, obviously I understand, you know, the difference. I
think I understand you mentioned you an allegation and evidence and proof and so on.
And what it is in this, in the emails, I have actual, uh, evidence, uh, beyond, you know,
of course my, um, allegations. So O of perjury, uh, subornation of perjury fraud, um, you
know, of course obstruction of justice, et cetera. So if it's all were talking, I could, you
know, if you have email, I did have some problems, uh, previously with emails bouncing
back from the IGS office. But maybe you try it again. I don't know. I can send that to
Seamus Weir: “Well, you know, we have our regular email system. I think that you've
been utilizing the past and there's nothing wrong with it as far as I know. Um, what you
just started talking about was allegations and evidence, um, which the allegations are
fine, but not having any evidence is the problem.”
Brian Burke: “Right. Well that's what I was saying. The, the, the email I was sending out
last week, um, you know, I had the evidence and I guess I didn't, you know, include, you
know, I included some of the evidence, but, uh, in, in, in the attachments I sent out last
week, I scan the, the document where, uh, mr Chu, uh, alleged, uh, in a verified
pleading, he stated under oath as an officer of the court in a verified pleading that, um, I
was paid my differential pay and other pay. Uh, also I have other documents from, uh,
some one from, uh, Ms. Bay stating as I was paid and, and that also have the
documents, uh, that is included, uh, from, you know, the, you know, admit I have to
admit the hundreds of pages I sent. Um, the, I just extracted, you know, the, the, the
actual pages were, uh, transit employees managers who actually investigated it, found
that I was not paid.”
Brian Burke: “So, um, obviously there was a direct conflict there. And then I also spoke
with Mr. Chu and, um, he acknowledged that he committed perjury. He claims somehow
it was not knowing this is his argument, not mine in a verified pleading. So I guess he
was saying he didn't verify his verified pleading, which I think would also constitute
perjury. It's either way it's perjury. So basically the evidence is incontrovertible and
obviously I hope that, uh, you know, your office would be interested in this and the fraud
that's underlying it. I think this is, you know, I've been referred back to you guys by a
number of other individuals, uh, high ranking individuals. I could verify who they are, but
um, in which I have I guess I tend to agree, they say it's statutory that you're required to
investigate this, that you are the only ones really to investigate fraud and to investigate
the department of law and you know, unless I get some information to the contrary and
as well as an explanation of why, uh, if, if that's what, you know, what your position
today is that you're going to, you know, or maybe maybe I've changed your mind with
some additional evidence, uh, you know, I would otherwise need a detailed explanation
of why you, why you would put.., I guess aid, aid and abet this.”
Seamus Weir: “Yeah. Well, I think you're pretty much stated the whole case. We've
never received any evidence. We have reviewed the previous investigation that was
done by the investigative attorney from this office and the statements were all reviewed
and all of the administrative hearing information and all of the statements made by
anybody involved in the matter were reviewed. And as a result, the office made a
determination that there is no reason to contest anything that was already done. So you
were sent a letter informing you with that and the investigation is closed and it's just not
going to be reopened. So I just wanted to let you know that we have received your
contact and rather than not contact you and let you know what's going on, I'm telling you
that we have looked at it and it's at the point where there was no reason for us to re
evaluate something that was fully investigated already.”
Brian Burke: “Can I ask what investigation was done?”
Seamus Weir: “It's the one that was done that you received the letter on in 2016.”
Brian Burke: “In 2016? Did I uh, I don't recall receiving a letter or do you have a copy of
Seamus Weir: “I do. And I'm not giving you any more paperwork and I'm not opening up
any investigation. I'm just calling to let you know one gentleman to another that we're
finished with this investigation. We're not reopening it. You have been paid off by the
transit authority. “
Brian Burke: “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold on. Hold on, Mr. Weir now we're going. You're
saying, I've been paid. Now you're, now you're committing the fraud and I'm going to
report this to the MTA for tomorrow that you're saying that I've been paid. I have not
paid. So wow. Okay, now, now I'm, cause that's what I was bringing to you was
someone else saying I got paid and if you're saying I got paid and if you do that under
oath, I guess we're just talking here. But if you do that under oath then you're
committing perjury, but it's still fraud because you're saying you investigated it and you
just said I got paid now you're a party to the fraud. So I see where the problem is that it
is coming of out of the inspector general as though, and that's why I have to speak to
Ms. Pokorny and now you're saying is from 2016, uh, uh, I made, I made a complaint in
this year and that it didn't allude back to 2016.”
Brian Burke: “So, uh, this, this fraud is ongoing and it's, and it's unpaid. And the
documents I sent last week and I did copy, uh, your office. It's the, I have testimony from
worker's comp 120 hearing people stated under oath managers stating I was not paid. I
also also have documents from an unemployment insurance appeal board. Another
employee stated, yes, I was not paid. And so these are, these were documents and
also, uh, testimony under oath by senior, a, government employees in New York city
transit authority that says I was not paid. And, and I'll just tell you, mr Weir and maybe
this is something you just believe and that you were told and So, you know, I think that's
unfortunate, but, uh, if I'm saying I haven't been paid when I was, I would be committing
fraud, would you, would you agree with that?”
Seamus Weir: “Okay.”
Brian Burke: “I mean, so we would have fraud either way. Either I'm committing it by
stating to you I haven't been paid and this is a great deal of money. And that's certainly
exactly what the inspector general investigates. If someone myself is putting in a claim
for payment for something that's already been paid, that is the clearest fraud that's ever
happened and I should, I should be arrested for it. Alternatively, I was not paid. And if
people are just giving you false information, well I'd be happy to try to, you know, show
you other, other people who stated correctly that I have not been paid because either I
think we can agree, mr. Weir,. Either I was or I was not paid. And I have to be clear, I
have been paid workers' compensation. I have not been paid two weeks of wages, 10
hours overtime, vacation and sick pay from 2015 or 2016 and as well as all the
differential from 2015 through present.”
Brian Burke: “And that amounts to over $100,000 and I've reported it in every possible
way. And if it's going to be covered up, then I think people need to go to jail for it. And
whoever's covering it up and I'm going to ask that they, they'd be arrested and
prosecuted. And I really, I would prefer it not be anybody within your office. And I don't
know who gave you that incorrect information, but I never received the letter. If you
saying you sent a letter, maybe you did send a letter. I don't know. But, uh, certainly, uh,
you know, the information I brought you this year, uh, additional crimes, crimes including
perjury and subornation of perjury. I think it's a very serious matter and certainly it goes
into, it succeeds, you know, whether someone's stealing toilet paper or breaking glass
or putting an extra hour in for work, which is all crimes you guys should investigate, this
is a much greater crime and your explanation is false. So I have to ask to speak to your
boss because I believe you either you're operating under at best a misconception or
you're, you're assisting in covering up this criminal activity.”
Seamus Weir: “Well, I am trying to allay your fears that you will be talking to my boss
Brian Burke: “I will, I'll be talking to her tomorrow morning in front of the whole board
and explaining exactly what you said Mr. Weir. And can you give me the spelling of your
Seamus Weir: “W. e. i. r.”
Brian Burke: “W. e. i. r. And then your first name.”
Seamus Weir: “Seamus.” .
Brian Burke: “Okay. And you're saying Mr. Weir. Now, just to be clear, cause I don't want
to be incorrect. I don't want to stay to anything incorrect yet. Very important. You're
saying that you're saying that you had information I was paid?”
Seamus Weir: “I’m calling to let you know that we received your complaint. It was
investigated and it was determined that it was unsubstantiated.”
Brian Burke: “It was covered up!”
Seamus Weir: “It was not covered up.”
Brian Burke: “And what, what evidence that you have I was paid Mr. Weir? Did you have
any of the evidence that I was paid ? Did someone tell you that or do you even care ?”
Seamus Weir: “The case that I got and I reviewed your complaint from last week with
allegations, uh, that you filled out on grievance forms. I am not gonna go into what was
already done and what you repeat over and over. I didn't call you to upset you. I called
to tell you that we've received your information.”
Brian Burke: “Well, Mr. Weir, if you haven't been paid for several years and I just call
and say, no, you have been paid, you think that's where it would end? Is that something
you don't think I will report that to authorities above you?
Seamus Weir: “You have used the entire available way for you to get yourself heard and
every case that has been refuted and you have,”
Brian Burke: “How has it been refuted, Mr. Weir? It's not been refuted. It's been
Seamus Weir: “I just wanted to call and let you know that we did receive your complaint.
We are not going to act on the complaint. It's been closed and going forward, we will not
entertain any complaints from you regarding this PR problem and yeah. Okay.” Thank
Brian Burke: “Can I ask what your responsibility is within Inspector General's office?”
Seamus Weir: “Take care, have a great job and have a good life, thank you very much,
(hung up)”